In Fire Damage Restoration

Obviously, fire poses an immediate danger to you and your family. When there’s a fire in your home, you get everyone away from it and try to put things out. Unfortunately, the dangers of fires can continue long after you put it out if you decide on living in a house after a fire!

Keep reading to discover some of the hidden health risks of fire damage.

Dangers of Plastic

When you imagine the dangers of fire, plastic probably isn’t what you’re worried about. However, burning plastic can lead to a variety of health risks. This is because it is a synthetic material, and when it burns, it releases toxic fumes into the air that you and your family can end up breathing in should you decide to continue living in a house after a fire.

And part of what makes plastic so dangerous in a home fire situation is that there’s just so much of it. Even a small kitchen fire is likely to burn things like plastic cups, milk jugs, and so on. And every plastic item that burns means your health is that much more at risk.

Trouble Breathing

When you breathe in smoke or the chemicals released by burning materials, it can cause a number of health issues. The most obvious of these issues is trouble breathing: you will experience things like gasping, shortness of breath, and more long-term respiratory issues.

What makes this so dangerous is that many of us cannot easily tell if we “only” have something like a temporary cough or we have the beginnings of a longer-term issue. And the longer we leave a burnt area without a proper restoration, the more that risk increases.

Hidden Risk of Older Buildings

Sometimes, there are very surprising factors when it comes to the health risks posed by a fire in the home. For instance, you are most at risk if you have an older home, one that was built somewhere between the 1950s and the 1980s. The reason for this is the amount of asbestos used in many buildings during that time.

A fire can burn these asbestos fires inside your older home, and continuing to breathe the burnt fibers in can be disastrous. This puts you at risk of cancer on top of the risk for serious respiratory issues. As with any other dangerous substance, the more of this you breathe in, the higher the risk; this is why you should seek fire restoration immediately!

How the Risk Spreads

One of the big myths about the health risks of a fire in your home is that the risk is contained. For instance, if you have a small fire in the kitchen, then the risks is contained to the kitchen, right? As it turns out, the risk is spread throughout the house by an unlikely culprit: air conditioning!

This is because the particles of smoke and soot are so small that traditional HVAC filters cannot capture them. So when your air conditioning runs, it is actually circulating these toxic substances to every room in the house, meaning that a small kitchen fire may soon threaten your entire family.

Dangers of Wood

On one hand, wood seems like an obvious source of danger when it comes to fire: this is going to be the most combustible substance in most homes, and there’s plenty of it. However, there is also a hidden risk inside the wood due to what it is made of and what is inside it.

Most wood in your home is going to be treated. When this treated wood burns, it can release a variety of harmful substances into the air ranging from methane and carbon monoxide to formaldehyde and formic acid. The more wood that burns, the more this danger is released into the air!

Who Is Most at Risk?

These dangerous substances released when wood and plastic burns pose a health threat to everyone. However, some people are more at risk than others if they continue living in a house after a fire. This includes people who already have lung or heart disease, those with diabetes, teenagers, older people, and pregnant women. If you or anyone in your family meets these criteria, you should seek a restoration immediately after a fire!

What Should I Do?

We have mentioned what your best option is after a fire: you need to get a fire restoration. What, exactly, is this restoration? It’s a special service provided by Restoration 1 that makes your home safe again after a fire. We thoroughly inspect your home and remove any dangerous substances that may be circulating. This lets you and your family sleep peacefully once again knowing that everyone is safe!