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Water Damage Restoration Charlotte, NC
Water Damage Restoration Charlotte, NC

Water damage can be sudden, especially in climates where tropical storms can impact the inland areas like the Charlotte area. We understand that this kind of damage can have a devastating effect on your personal and/or business property in a very short amount of time. Restoration 1 offers a swift solution for water damage in Charlotte, NC.

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration in Charlotte, NC
Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration in Charlotte, NC

Fire spreads quickly, and unfortunately, and can be catastrophic to a home or business. Smoke can also destroy your property. The Charlotte Restoration 1 team takes care of the inspection and/or removal to ensure that dangerous chemicals or any after-effects do not spread through the air through your heating and cooling system.

Mold Remediation Services in Charlotte, NC
Mold Remediation Services in Charlotte, NC

Mold can be hard to detect, but is a serious problem that can lead to significant health problems. Mold can cause difficulty in breathing and worsen symptoms for those who suffer with asthma. If you are unsure if you have a mold problem, Restoration 1 Charlotte has a team that can quickly and efficiently test for the presence of mold and offer a mold removal plan in Charlotte.

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– Limit One per household. Must be presented at time of service. Cannot be combined with any other offer. –
† Price is per drain, inside the house only –
* For Main Sewer Line only –

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Restoration 1 Charlotte is one of the top restoration companies Charlotte NC that you can trust. At Restoration 1 in Charlotte, our team can handle water damage, fire cleanup, smoke odor removal, mold remediation and any other services necessary to fully restore your home or business.

Our reputation at Restoration 1 includes fast responses, unparalleled quality, and uninhibited commitment. We understand that the need for property restoration services can come at the most unexpected times—which is why we are one of the best restoration companies Charlotte NC!

Restoration 1 aims to exceed the expectations of every customer we work with and restore their property to its pre-damage state. We are one of the highest rated and respected restoration companies in Charlotte, NC.

Call us today with questions or to schedule an inspection. We aim to get you back your life or business as soon as possible.

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We are committed to customer service and as a result, you can expect the following:

We fully train and certify all our restoration specialists

We have 100% satisfaction guarantees

We are available 24/7

We are licensed and insured

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